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Prohibited Acts

The following acts are strictly prohibited when using the Website:

  • Any of the actions listed below, whether directed at Dio Chemicals and its affiliated companies, their officers or employees, or other companies, individuals, or groups:

    • Acts constituting slander, defamation, or threats
    • Acts that cause disadvantage or loss
    • Acts that may compromise trust
  • Acts that are or may be illegal
  • Acts that offend public decency

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  • This Website is managed by Dio Chemicals. This Website can be accessed throughout the world from different countries with different laws, but both the individuals who access the Website and Dio Chemicals agree to be bound by the laws of Japan and the ordinances of the Tokyo Metropolitan government in connection with the use of the Website.
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Links to this Website

Links to this Website are as a rule free, whether from for-profit or non-profit organizations, and do not require advance notice. However, please refrain from making links that fall or may fall into any of the following categories:

  • Links from websites whose content slanders or defames Dio Chemicals’ products and services, etc., or the Dio Chemicals Group, or that may compromise trust in Dio Chemicals or the Dio Chemicals Group.
  • Links from websites containing information that violates the law.
  • Links from websites that include content that offends public order and social ethics.
  • Frame links, image links, and other links that render unclear that the information displayed is from this Website. (The link should be arranged so that the whole browser screen switches to display of this Website, or so that a separate window displaying this Website is opened.)
  • Links which create the misunderstanding that there is some kind of alliance or cooperative relationship with Dio Chemicals or the Dio Chemicals Group, or which give the false impression that Dio Chemicals or the Dio Chemicals Group endorse or support the linked website.

Even where none of the above applies, a request may nevertheless be made for the method of linking to be altered or for the link to be deleted.

Users are further asked to note that the URL for this Website may be altered or deleted without prior notice.

Access Data

This Website contains pages with embedded tags designed not to identify the personal information of the user but to gather statistical data on utilization (access) patterns. Collected access data is used to improve user amenity and to maintain and improve the quality of the website.

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Where links are made from this Website to other websites operated by third parties, Dio Chemicals accepts no responsibility for disadvantage or loss incurred by the website to which the link is made.

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