Corporate Overview

Message from the President

  • Representative Director, Executive Officer and President Akira Fukumoto
  • Representative Director, Executive Officer and President
    Akira Fukumoto

Always looking one step ahead

Established in 1956, Dio Chemicals, Ltd., developed the world’s Japan’s first anti-insect window-screen netting made of synthetic fibers. At the time, anti-insect protection in a typical household consisted mainly of mosquito-repellent incense coils and mosquito nets. The synthetic window-screen netting that we developed prevented insects from entering through windows while leaving the room open to fresh air from the outside, creating a more comfortable indoor living environment. This product has remained consistently popular in the 60 years since, during which we have taken the technology acquired in the anti-insect netting sector and adapted it to agriculture, construction and civil engineering, filtration materials, and other fields of general industry. By directly addressing customer needs in this way, we have achieved a sustained record of innovative product development. Equally, we have worked continually to develop products for individual consumers that are convenient in terms of volume, dimensions, and other user-friendly features.

Amid the constant changes in our living environment and lifestyles, we are committed to pursuing evolution and growth on a daily basis as a comprehensive manufacturer of “synthetic fiber netting” adapted to a wide range of uses. By continuing to satisfy customers in this way and maintaining an approach of "always looking one step ahead," we aim to increase corporate value and develop as a company that can make its mark not only in Japan but also in the wider world.

Origin of the Dio logo and company name

【Origin of the Dio Chemicals, Ltd. company name】
“Dio” comes from Dionysus, the god of rich harvests in Greek mythology. Now, to mark the 60th anniversary of its foundation, Dio Chemicals has created a corporate logo. In the years to come, we will continue with energetic business activities inspired by the wish to contribute to richer human lives.

【The Dio corporate logo】

The “D” suggests the force of strong upward growth, while the “o,” representing a roll of the fiber and netting materials that are our main business, also expresses the everlasting cycle of evolution and progress into the future.
Between these two letters, the central “I” represents our “self” and love (ai in Japanese) for our families, work, and products, and all things.
This corporate logo encapsulates our wish that each of our employees should embrace the “I Do” spirit of thinking and working independently, while remembering the love and thanks they owe to the people and places around them as part of a company that continues to grow in harmony with its people.


Corporate Overview


Trading name Dio Chemicals, Ltd.
Date established June 4, 1956
Representatives Representative Director, Executive Officer and President Akira Fukumoto

13F, St. Lukes Garden Tower, 8-1 Akashi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0044, Japan

Capital ¥300 million
Business fields
  • Housing materials:
    Supply to window and door sash manufacturers of anti-insect netting for window screens and related products
  • Home materials:
    Supply to home and garden centers and other major retailers of many types of netting, including replacement anti-insect netting for window and door screens, garden netting, and related products for protection against sunlight, wind, weeds, insects, birds, and animals, and so on.
  • Construction materials:
    Supply of many types of netting used in building renovation and related products (including products designated by the Japan Fire Retardant Association)
  • Agricultural-use materials:
    Supply of many types of agricultural netting and related products for energy-saving heat retention and for protection against sunlight, wind, weeds, insects, birds, and animals, and so on; multi-purpose tarpaulin sheeting and related products for simple warehouse facilities and trucks; peat moss and other soil improvement materials and related products.
  • Civil engineering materials:
    Supply of many types of netting and related products for landscape engineering and forestry operations
  • Manufacture, processing, import, and sale of the above products
Corporate officers See “List of Corporate Officers”
No. of employees Consolidated: 265 (As of end of March 2018)
Affiliated companies See “Group Network”
Fiscal year From April 1 to March 31

List of Corporate Officers

Representative Director, Executive Officer and President Akira Fukumoto
Director Takahiro Sugiyama
Director Satoshi Chojahara
Director Yoshiaki Noda
Director Mitsunori Sasahara
Director Tomonori Ishihara
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Hiroshi Tanaka
Executive Officer Yasunori Sugimoto
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